Woodpecker and Owl English Moral Stories for Kids – 3D Animated Bedtime Stories for Children

Woodpecker and Owl English Moral Stories for Kids – 3D Animated Bedtime Stories for Children – Stories of the Forest. #AnimalsStories for kids Stories of the Forest is an animated series featuring quirky animals and interesting #kidsstories. Hope you love it! #bedtimestories

These amazing trees are truly one of the best attractions of the Forest. For some animals, they are a shelter. For some others, they are the source of daily food. Without trees, there is no life in the Forest. An owl has its nest on one such tree in the forest. A crow flies over the tree with a couple of fish in its beak and accidentally, one fish slips from his beak and falls in the owl’s nest. The owl eats up the fish and mocks the crow. Then, the crow flies away with anger. Later, the owl observes a woodpecker pecking on the tree clown. Then, an amazed owl asks the woodpecker: (owl) “hey birdie, you have a wonderful beak. Why spoil it by pecking on the tree?” (woodpecker) “I am not spoiling my beak. This is how I search for food and build my house.” (owl, laughing) “oh, poor you..” After a little while, the woodpecker finds some insects under the bark of the tree. While he eats the insects, some of them falls down into the owl’s nest. The owl eats up those insects too. (woodpecker) “this is not good, my dear friend. You should not be this lazy. You should get your food on your own” (owl) “well… why? I can simply sit here and have all that I want. That’s how my life is blessed. Probably, you birds and animals are cursed that you all have to work a lot.” (woodpecker) “this is a dangerous thinking. I hope you change for good.” Then, the disappointed woodpecker flies away. In the evening, a pigeon sits above the owl’s nest on the tree and eats berries. A few berries slip from its paws and fall into the owl’s nest. The owl eats them up. (pigeon) “you will one day pay for this.” And the pigeon flies away sadly. In the night, the owl sleeps tightly in its nest. It’s a winter night and snowflakes fall on the nest to make a hole in it. But the lazy owl doesn’t observe it and curses the night: (owl) “why is it so cold today?” Slowly, the snowflakes start entering the nest. Then the woodpecker observes it from his home. Immediately, he flies to the owl’s nest and covers the hole with a stone. Then, the owl wakes and asks: (owl) “hey, why are you here?” (woodpecker) “you didn’t notice this, did you?” (woodpecker) “you were so lazy to get up from your sleep, weren’t you? This could have killed you. Do you now realize how dangerous your laziness can be?” The owl feels ashamed. (woodpecker) “don’t worry. You don’t have to be ashamed of yourself. Promise me that you will (owl) “I’m sorry. I… I…” work hard from now.” Then, the owl promises it to the woodpecker. Since then, the owl gets its own food, catching fish from the lake and makes good friends with the woodpecker.

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