Wicked Wolf English Moral Story – 3D Animated Bedtime Stories for Kids | Stories of the Forest

Wicked Wolf English Moral Story – 3D Animated Bedtime Stories for Kids | Stories of the Forest. #BedtimeStories for kids, Stories of the Forest is an animated series featuring quirky animals and interesting #kidsStories and #3dAnimationStories. Hope you love it! #AnimalsStories

The lion was the king of the animal kingdom. Every animal enjoyed his reign because everything was in order. King Lion ensured that the animals plant new trees every month so that the weather will become favorable. Whenever the sun shined mildly and the rain fell gently, the trees would grow bigger. One day, the king fell sick. Nobody could determine the cause of the king’s sickness. All the animals prayed for the king to get well because they enjoyed his reign, but king Lion’s condition only grew worse. King Lion had two close friends — Wolf and Fox. These two animals took good care of King Lion when he was sick. They would come to see him every day. This made king Lion feel better. He was happy that some animals cared for him. He would often say to them, “thank you, dear friends!” With time, king Lion became closer to Fox than he was to Wolf. Fox was more honest than Wolf. King Lion could see honesty in his eyes when he cared for him. King Lion began to love Fox very much. He spent more time with Fox than he did with Wolf. Wolf became very jealous of Fox. He was also jealous of King Lion’s throne. He wanted to inherit it, so he was waiting for king Lion to die. He said to himself, “I can’t wait for this useless king to die. I want to become the new king. When king Lion dies, I will put Fox and his family in prison. They would spend the rest of their lives there.” After saying this, he laughed sinisterly. Wolf had a plan. He began to add slow poison to King Lion’s food so that his death will not bring much suspicion. He also had a plan to turn Lion against Fox. Wolf was very happy because he felt his wicked dreams were coming true. After a while, Fox couldn’t bear the king’s ill condition again, so he went in search of a cure that will help king Lion to become fine once and for all. It took Fox a long time to find this cure. A week had passed and Fox had not been to the palace to seeking Lion. Wolf saw this as an opportunity to turn king Lion against Fox. He said, “King Lion, are you wondering why Fox has not come here for a long time? Two days ago, my friend snake told me that Fox was telling some other animals that the king will soon die and he will inherit the throne.” When King Lion heard this, he was sad and disappointed at Fox. The next day, Fox came to the palace excited. The king asked him why he was away for a long time. Fox then explained why he took long. “My king, I went to look for a cure for you. I was told you are suffering from Wolf slow poison and the only thing that can cure you is to wrap yourself around Wolf’s skin,” Fox said. Immediately, King Lion knew that Wolf had been using slow poison for him. Without much thinking, king Lion pounced on Wolf and tore his skin. He wrapped himself with Wolf’s skin and he became fine again. All the animals were happy that their king was healthy again. Fox was made king Lion’s special adviser. Moral Lesson: evil always comes to those who do and plan evil but honest people are always promoted.

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