Tortoise and the Eagles English Story for Kids – 3D Animated Bedtime Moral Stories for Kids

Tortoise and the Eagles English Story for Kids – 3D Animated Bedtime Moral Stories for Kids | Stories of the Forest. #AnimalsStories for kids, Stories of the Forest is an animated series featuring quirky animals and interesting #KidsStories and #3dAnimationStories. Hope you love it! #BedtimeStories

On a fateful day, the Eagles were planning a birthday party for their king. Their king was very brave, kind and strong and they wanted to make him happy on his birthday. They all sat down to plan for their king’s birthday. One of the Eagles cleared its throat and began to speak, “My fellow Eagles, our king’s birthday is very close and we have not made the necessary arrangements to make his birthday a very interesting one. “Let us now discuss all the things that we will need to make this birthday the best one that our king has ever celebrated. Let us discuss everything that we will need to make his birthday the best in history.” Another Eagle responded, “You have spoken well but in order to have a very interesting birthday party, we will need a good singer and a good drummer. We will also need lots of foods and drinks. “We can get plenty of food and drinks but none of us is a good singer and none of us is also a good drummer. Which animal can we call to help us sing and beat the drums so that we all can sing, dance and be merry on our king’s birthday?” There was silence in their midst for about three minutes before one of the Eagles said excitedly, “Yes, I have an idea. Do you remember Tortoise? He was the one that beat the drums for the birthday party of King Lion last month. “When I was flying over their land on that day, I saw all the animals singing and dancing with all their strength. Then after the party, I saw that they all lifted Tortoise on their shoulders for beating the drums to their satisfaction.” All the animals were excited already before one of the Eagles raised an important suggestion, “Tortoise doesn’t have wings as we do. How will he fly to the sky to beat the drums for us?” They began to think again and raise different suggestions which were not fitting. Then one of the Eagles said quickly, “Let two of us fly with Tortoise. One of us will hold him on his right hand while the other will hold him on his left hand.” They agreed and informed Tortoise of their plan. Tortoise agreed because he was excited to fly with the birds. They also invited other birds to sing for them. The day came and it was time to dance and sing. All the Eagles were expectant. They wanted to hear how Tortoise would beat the drums and they were satisfied when he beat the drums. He beat the drums so much while other birds sang that the king of the Eagles arose from his throne and danced and danced. After the party, the Eagles were very pleased with the way Tortoise beat the drums. They gave him food and flew down with him from the sky. Moral: if you are skilful, you will enjoy benefits that many other people do not enjoy.

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