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he Tortoise and The Hare Story in English – Bedtime Stories for Kids | Stories of the Forest. #BedtimeStories for kids, Stories of the Forest is an animated series featuring quirky animals and interesting #kidsStories and #3dAnimationStories. Hope you love it! #AnimalsStories

Once upon a time in the animal kingdom, all animals lived together in peace. Every year, the king organises a competition that all animals of all sizes would compete in, and this year was no different. Out of all the competitions, the one that all the animals wanted to watch was the running competition. Why was this, you ask? It was because there was no competitor that could run against the Hare and win. Hare was the winner of all the running competitions to have taken place in the past, and it was looking very likely that Hare would win again this year. “I have an announcement to make, so please be quiet,” King Lion said and waited for the noise to die down, “the winner of the running competition this year will be rewarded with gift items and supplied with food items for the whole year.” This statement was met with claps and applause, and every animal was surprised as well as pleased with this statement, some were even shouting, “Hare is the winner! Hurray!!” All of them knew Hare could run very fast. “Who will run against the Hare?” King Lion asked, “answer now!” Every animal became silent, Cat stopped mewling, Donkey stopped braying, Dog stopped barking, even Bee stopped buzzing. “Is there no one who will run against Hare?” King Lion asked again. This time there was even more silence. “I will.” Tortoise answered, immediately Tortoise said so, all the animals began to laugh. The tortoise was the slowest animal in the kingdom, only faster than a snail. “You?” King Lion asked, sounding really surprised. “Yes, King Lion, I will run against Hare.” Tortoise replied. “The race will begin in 3 days time. Go and prepare yourself” King Lion advised Tortoise. On the day of the race, Tortoise’s wife prepared a wonderful dish, it had everything and smelled so delicious. She then went to sit in the middle of the road where she would see the runners. “Hare, are you ready?” King Lion asked. Hare responded by nodding his head. “Tortoise, are you ready?” King Lion asked. Tortoise replied by nodding his head also. “Good, let the race begin, first to reach the finish line wins. Set! Ready!! Go!!!” The King called out. After the Go, Hare ran like the wind, his hind feet carrying him very fast. Hare had already reached the middle of the race meanwhile Tortoise was far behind. On getting to the middle, Hare stopped to breath and rest. “Perhaps, you should drink some water and eat some food, I think you should also rest and sleep, Tortoise doesn’t look like he will get here anytime soon,” Tortoise’s wife told Hare. “Okay, let me eat some and rest.” Tortoise’s wife dished the food for him and Hare ate. “You said it well, I don’t see Tortoise coming anytime soon, is there any more food?” “Of course there is, but I must warn you, Hare, if you eat too much, you may not be able to run till your food digests.” Tortoise’s wife said while serving the dish. “Just give me more, your food is just too delicious.” Hare ate and ate, till his tummy became big, so he decided to rest and then he slept off. By the time Hare woke up it was already dark, Tortoise’s wife had gone, Tortoise had won and Hare had lost the race. Moral: Focus on the task at hand. Don’t let things distract you from your goals.

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