The Pigeon and The Sky English Moral Story – 3D Animated Stories for Kids

The Pigeon and The Sky English Moral Story – 3D Animated Stories for Kids | English Fairy Tales | Stories of the Forest.

Watch your favourite #AnimalsStories in stories of the forest channel. Today here is the story about the Pigeon and the Sky, The sky is even more beautiful when viewed from the forest. And the forest is home to the most beautiful Travellers of the sky the birds, but in the same forest with the little pigeon who was afraid of this sky she always sat on top of the tree and was never ready to fly one day a swan come flying near the pigeons tree and said with pigeon that “little pigeon…, Come join me. Let’s fly nearby Countryside. It is beautiful. The pigeon looks at the sky and tells and fear. hmmm….No the sky is really very dark and it may rain what will happen if there’s a lightning too, I will fall down for sure. My dear pigeon you are born to fly. The sky is our wonderful friend, it is never cheated a bird come with me the swan said to the pigeon. I am sorry, but I am not as Brave as your, if something happens I have no one to take care of me the pigeon replied. The swan shakes her head in disappointment and flies away. After some time of a goose comes near the pigeon and said ” hi, why you always sit here at your home, come let us go near the lake. we will get very nice food to eat “. The pigeon looks at the sky again and said to the goose ” Oh…!! No, there is heavy wind blowing my dear friend. I am so little and I cannot take this i will fall down for sure. Come on dear pigeon..Believe me this will not cause any problems for you the goose said to the pigeon. I’m sorry goose but I don’t think I can come with you disappointed the goose flies away too. Then comes the crane… Hello little pigeon. I’m going to the waterfalls nearby. I hear they’re beautiful come with me. We’ll have a nice time. Oh, no, dear crane. This sky is so big and I am so little anything can happen to me in the sky down here, I am safe. But you are pigeon your purpose is to fly the crane replied. No crane… I am safe here. And that is all I want…surprised and disappointed the crane flies away too. Days go by little pigeon doesn’t realize that her branch of a tree is getting weaker day by day. One day is the little pigeon was sleeping the branch falls off the tree. Shocked …!! the pigeon wakes up and finds herself falling down, suddenly flaps her wings and starts to fly out of fear. She flaps her wings so hard and flies really high. It takes a while for her to realize that she’s flying. She looks at her Fallen branch and then looked at the sky surrounding her. Then she meets the swan who comes flying by, the swan is delighted to find the pigeon flying. Finally you are flying I am so happy the vision has a fresh smile on her face. She looks down and swan follows her look, swan understands what made the pigeon fly and said ” Dear friend you were given wings, you know how to fly and where to fly but yet you believed you were too little to achieve these things never consider yourself useless my dear friend “. I understand my dear I can now see that the sky is so beautiful and safe if it’s where I belong. Now, that’s the swan smile and then they happily fly away together. Have fun with this #BedTimeStories in english #KidsStories

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