The Hungry Lion, The Goat And The Wise Tortoise – English Moral Stories | Stories of the forest

The Hungry Lion, The Goat And The Wise Tortoise – English Moral Stories | Stories of the forest. #BedtimeStories for kids, Stories of the Forest is an animated series featuring quirky animals and interesting #kidsStories and #3dAnimationStories. Hope you love it! #AnimalsStories

There was a period of great famine in the land of Woods, and animals began to find a way to survive. There were only few supplies of food left during that period. Mr Lion was very hungry and he began to attack and kill other animals for food. Mr Lion did this for a couple of days while a group of animals planned how they would save the other animals from him. Elephant said, “Lion is stronger than any other animal in this kingdom, and if we ask him to stop his bad actions, he would not listen to us.” After the meeting, they all concluded to trick Lion into a cage and lock him up. Monkey said, “let us tell Lion that every family in this kingdom will give him one animal each day if he won’t attack us again.” “If he agrees, we will tell him to wait at a certain place, and we will drop a cage over him.” All the animals agreed and commended Monkey for his suggestion. The next day, the animals arranged everything as they had planned and Lion fell for it. After promising to bring an animal to him, Lion waited excitedly at the place where they asked him to wait, then they dropped the cage over him. The animals gave him little food to eat when he was in the cage. However, Lion was not satisfied with what they were giving him because he wanted fresh meat. He would beg any animal that passes by to open the cage and he would promise not to eat the animal. One day, Goat fell for his trick. Lion pretended to be very sick and asked Goat to help him get out so that he could get a proper treatment. “Goat, I am dying. Please get me out of here. I promise I will not eat you.” Then Goat opened the cage out of pity and Lion grabbed him to eat him. “Er..r…r, but… Lion, you promised not to eat me”, said Goat. “I only tricked you”, said Lion with a laughter. “This is not fair”, said Goat. Then Lion answered, “It is also not fair that I am hungry for meat.” Goat then said, “Let us call others to judge this matter.” Lion agreed to it and said, “If three animals agree that I should eat you, then I will eat you.” Goat also agreed to Lion’s terms. They called two animals who agreed that Lion should eat Goat. Then they called the third animal, Tortoise, to judge the matter wisely. Tortoise answered, “let us go back to where it all started so that I can understand the story better.” Then he asked Lion to enter the cage so that Goat can repeat what he did before and they can start the story again. Lion agreed, and as he entered back into the cage, Tortoise quickly locked the cage. Goat was now happy that Lion won’t be able to eat him anymore. Moral : Discretion is very important in handling difficult matters.

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