Roots of Unity English Animals Story – 3D Animated Bedtime Stories for Kids

Roots of Unity English Animals Story – 3D Animated Bedtime Stories for Kids | Stories of the Forest. #AnimalsStories for kids, Stories of the Forest is an animated series featuring quirky animals and interesting #kidsstories and #3dAnimationStories. Hope you love it! #bedtimestories

One day, all the animals in the forest picnic at the lake. Some animals go for a swim and some sing and dance together while the young ones are at the playground. The young deer and pig are good friends, just as their parents. They both play with a ball at one side of the ground and the pig kicks it into the bushes. The deer goes to get the ball and there, he finds a beautiful flower. He takes the flower and smells it. Young Deer: Wow!! It’s amazing. Young Pig: Hey buddy! What are you doing there? Get the ball, fast… young deer: you just come here once. The pig goes to the deer and sees the flower in his hand. Young pig: Wow! It’s looking beautiful. Young deer: And smell it.. You would love it… young pig: Mmm! Soo sweet! The pig tries to grab the flower as the deer retracts his hand. Young deer: It’s mine! Young pig: I want it, buddy. Young deer: No! This flower is unique. There is only one of its kind. I found it first and it’s mine. The deer pushes the pig little hard and the pig gets angry. He kicks the deer and the deer spanks him. Eventually, they start fighting for the flower and the flower, in their fight, gets crushed. The deer sees the crushed flower and suddenly stops fighting and so does the pig. Watching the unique sweet-smelling and beautiful flower dead, they start crying out loud and go to their mothers. Watching the bruises on their bodies, the elders ask what has happened. The young ones tell the whole story to their parents and cry out again. The mother animals get furious and run into quarrel with each other. But the young deer and pig don’t understand what their parents are fighting for now. They stop crying and look confused. Everyone tries to control them, but the mother animals are just unstoppable. While the fight is going on, the young deer catches sight of the unique flower somewhere far away. He pokes his pig friend and points that way. Young deer: Hey, buddy! You see that? Young pig: Yup, bro! Come, let’s go. They both start running to the flower and to their excitement; there is a beautiful garden full of the beautiful flowers. They jump and squeal with delight. They pluck some flowers for themselves and head back to their parents. All the animals see the young lads coming hand in hand and get amused. Then the older giraffe comes and says: Giraffe: Brotherhood is in our blood. But sometimes, we forget our morals and fight over silly things. These little kids reminded us the roots of unity. There may be small fights among us, but we all are the children of the forest and have to be united. The mother deer and pig down their heads in embarrassment. Mother deer: Dear friend, I’m so sorry for being silly. Mother pig: It’s my mistake, too. Forgive me friend. All the animals clap in approval and they resume the celebrations.

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