Peacock and Flamingo Story – Bedtime English Moral Stories for Kids | Stories of the Forest

Peacock and Flamingo Story – Bedtime English Moral Stories for Kids | Stories of the Forest. #BedtimeStories for kids, Stories of the Forest is an animated series featuring quirky animals and interesting #kidsStories and #3dAnimationStories. Hope you love it! #AnimalsStories

It was summer in the forest, and everywhere was beautiful, The scent in the air was so sweet that just smelling it alone made you filled. Not all animals smelled and got filled, especially the greedy Fox and his partner Tortoise, who ate everything in their path like it was their last supper. Let’s leave them alone, let’s focus on Flamingo and Peacock. You see Flamingo and Peacock were always fighting themselves on who looked the most beautiful and who was the finest bird in the forest. Every time that they had this fight, the other animals cleared off their parts, because they knew that both Flamingo and Peacock would not let the matter go. One day it all changed. King Lion had gotten tired of their arguments and called them into the palace. “I’ve had enough of this argument. We are going to resolve this once and for all, tomorrow, a beauty contest between the two of you will go down. The winner will have the right to be called the most beautiful bird in the forest.” King Lion roared to them, “is that clear?” “Yes, King Lion Sir.” They both responded and scampered out of Lion’s presence. Flamingo went straight on to Fox’s house. “Hi Fox, please I need your help I want to be the most beautiful bird in this forest, what do I do?” Flamingo asked. “Hmmmmm, I heard that there’s a plant that once you eat it, it will make you the most beautiful,” Fox answered. “Where can I get it, buddy?” Flamingo asked. “Far off into the forest, it is pink in color.” “Thanks, buddy, I owe you one,” Flamingo said and went off to get it. He eventually found the carnation flower, ate it and everything changed. Peacock meanwhile went to his friend Tortoise. “Hey dude, I have a problem?” “What bothers you, buddy? I’m here to help.” “I need to win the most beautiful contest tomorrow.” “Hmmmmm, that’s not a big deal, all you need to do is get me some blueberries and blackberries, I’ll help you apply it to your feathers.” Peacock quickly got the berries and allowed Tortoise to apply it to his feathers. “You look beautiful, Peacock.” Tortoise complimented him. “Thanks, buddy, I really appreciate it, you’re my best buddy ever,” Peacock said and hugged Tortoise. The next day, the day of the contest came around, everyone was looking forward to the two contestants. Then they arrived one after the other, looking so different than they were yesterday. Flamingo had the most beautiful skin, his skin was all shades of pink, from his hair to his toenails. He looked so cute and pinkish. King Lion had almost announced him the winner until he saw Peacock. Peacock walked in looking all radiant, his feathers were all shades of colors. The tortoise had gone all out and outdid himself, Peacock looked like the sun shone on his feathers. King Lion was confused and couldn’t decide who the most beautiful bird in the forest was, so he handed the hardest job to me and now I’m handing it to you. Choose the most beautiful bird in the forest, I’m out of here guys. See you all later when you have the answer. MORAL: Stick with friends who bring out the best in you.

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