One Simple Task English Bedtime Stories for Kids – 3D Animated Animals Moral Stories for Kids

One Simple Task English Bedtime Stories for Kids – 3D Animated Animals Moral Stories for Kids | Stories Of The Forest.

Watch the best #animalstories for kids, in this video the story is there is a beautiful forest and have different animals in the forest everybody loves their job and they take a greatest care to finish the task assigned to them. Every Quarter the lion king will assign the respective jobs to all animals. the tasks will be change quarter to quarter. then the time of next quarter came and all animals eagerly waiting to know weather the tasks would be..!! The Monkey was assigned with task that to plant 100 trees in the forest and the bear was asked to be the next manager. the catering was assigned to deer who was the wonderful chef. the rabbit is the next sports manager and the cuckoo is the next music teacher all them are very excited with their new tasks but the surprise…!! The lion announced a task for elephant that the elephant was given a small plant and told that take a proper care to this plant. this surprised all animals that everyone thought that elephant is very intelligent and smartest animal in the forest. The elephant upon reaching home and wondered. what it would be the king assign such a task. however he was not ready to take his job silly. he said to himself that let me turn this simple job into something great. and the elephant studied about the plant nature and uses and he understood the plant is different and it is not in their forest. he decided to know more about the plant and take care of the plant. The End of the quarter the lion’s minister hippo comes to view the tasks of each animal. he quite exited of elephant’s efforts. he encouraged and wished the elephant. Very soon the forest had a special guest in the form of ostrich, the president of international forest union and thus the lion cause for the gathering all the animals assembled at the meeting. in the gathering the ostrich informs them that ” there is a great news for this forest, This year the international forest union has decided to seen one brilliant forest into the special tropical rain forest to study about different kinds of life there. It is my privilege that this forest is the winner”. All the animals cheers and claps enjoyed. the lion appreciated the work of elephant and told to all animals how important the tree to the forest which is cared by elephant. all animals continued clapping and run towards the elephant to hug him and thanked for the efforts. There are so many #kidsstories and kids favourite #bedtimestories for kids watch and enjoy and have a fun…!!!

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