A Tiny Fly Helps The Mighty Lion English Moral Story for Kids – 3D Animated Stories for Kids

A Tiny Fly Helps The Mighty Lion English Moral Story for Kids – 3D Animated Stories for Kids | Stories of the Forest. #AnimalsStories for kids, Stories of the Forest is an animated series featuring quirky animals and interesting #KidsStories and #3dAnimationStories. Hope you love it! #BedtimeStories

One beautiful morning in the forest, the bright golden sun smiled on all the animals, There was a Lion who lived in the Forest. He was very proud. He thought nothing could confront him. One day he said to himself, “I am the strongest animal in this kingdom and no animal can confront me.” Lion bullied every other animal with his strength. If he meets any animal on his way, he would laugh and say, “I am the strongest animal in this kingdom. Now greet me and say, ‘I salute you, Great Lion!’” One day, Fly was going home to its family and he accidentally perched on Lion. Lion was very angry and he was about to kill Fly. Fly was very scared. Then Fly pleaded with Lion, “Lion, please be merciful. I perched on you by mistake. I promise it will never happen again. I am very sorry Lion.” Lion answered, “why should I let you live? If I let you live, you may perch on me another time. In fact, what is your importance to this kingdom. You are a very useless animal and letting you live is a waste of time.” Fly then responded, “Lion, I know I may appear very useless but I may help you in the future. Please don’t kill me so that I can return to my family.” Lion laughed and said, “you tiny Fly, you can’t help me in the future? Do you want to help me hunt for food? Or do you want to guard me whenever I am sleeping at night? I will not kill you but don’t ever perch on me again.” Lion’s arrogance grew so much that every animal began to talk about it. Some animals were angry while some other animals determined to be more careful with Lion. One day, a pack of wolves plotted against Lion. They planned to kill Lion so that he can stop bullying them. One Wolf said, “let us attack Lion together because he is stronger than each of us. He won’t be able to concentrate when we are many.” While they were discussing, Fly overheard them and he said to himself, “Now is the time to prove to Lion that I can help him.” The next day, Fly monitored Lion closely when Lion was going out until Lion was surrounded by Wolves. The Wolves told Lion, “We are going to kill you today.” Lion was scared, he answered, “what have I done?” The Wolves responded, “you call yourself mighty and strong, today we will prove to you that you’re weak.” When Fly saw this, it quickly called all its family members. They were so many and he told them what to do. While the Wolves were about to attack and kill Lion, Fly and its family quickly flew towards the wolves and started perching on them. Then the Wolves were distracted and couldn’t focus on Lion again. Lion took advantage of their distraction and quickly escaped from the Wolves. Then Lion thought to himself, “see how Fly rescued me from death today. I will never despise any animal again.” Knowing this, all the animals in the forest jumped and danced in joy while hosting a big party to the tiny fly who changed the lion. Hiding behind a tree, the lion also started dancing to the tunes of the party songs. Moral : Don’t underestimate anybody because of their status or position. Anyone can be of help to you.

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